Letter from Governor Dinwiddie to George Washington:
"16, May, 1757
The Assembly "having considered the great expense the Virginia Regt. has cost the country from the numbers of companies it has consisted of, and these companies not half complete in proportion to the vast charge of Officers", remodeled it in form, and made it consist of 10 companies of 100 men each, reducing all Captains but 7. The force was distributed as follows: At Fort Loudon, 100 men, commanded by Washington; at Maidstone, 70 men, commanded by Capt. Stewart; at Edwards, 25 men, commanded by Subaltern; at Pearsall's, 45 men, commanded by Capt. McKenzie; in the neighborhood of Buttermilk Fort, 70 men, commanded by Capt. Waggener; at Dickenson's, 70 men, commanded by Major Lewis; at Voss's, 70 men, commanded by Capt. Woodward.
Memo     "To Robert Dinwiddie,         June 10, 1757
1 shall order Capt. Woodward to march his company to Voss's and relieve Capt. Hogg"
Memo     "To Robert Dinwiddie,         July 12, 1757
Capt. Woodward's company, nor any of the companies on the branch' were brought to this place"
Memo     "To Capt. Waggener,            July 29, 1757
You are to dispatch a messenger to Capt. Woodward, that he may hold himself in readiness to march immediately upon your arrival"