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(1A1) Henry Hyden Woodward, first child of James & Jane (Hyden) Woodward, born 22 April 1798, Stafford Co., Va., died 22 September 1848, Lee Co., Va., married 25 Nov 1817 to Elizabeth Ely, born 18 (157) September 1798, Stafford Co., Va., daughter of John & Barbar Jane (Fry) Ely.
(1A1A) Barbara Jane Woodward [record on page 5]
(1A1B) John Devers Woodward [record on page 23]
(1A1C) Lydia Hyden Woodward [record on page 29]
(1A1D) Sarah Shelton Woodward [record on page 40A]
(1A1E) Elizabeth Moriah Woodward [record on page 57]
(1A1F) Jesse Murphy Woodward [record on page 57]
(1A1G) Rhoda Orr Woodward [record on page 67]
(1A1H) Henry McDaniel Woodward, born 29 March 1830, Lee Co., Va., death date unknown, buried Emory, Va., never married [record on page 5]
(1A1I) Susannah Woodward [record on page 68]
(1A1J) George Fry Woodward [record on page 70]
(1A1K) David Orr Woodward [record on page 77]
(1A1L) Alexander Fletcher Woodward [record on page 79]
(1A1M) James Crawford Woodward [record on page 102]
(1A1N) Nathan Morgan Woodward [record on page 103]
(1A1A1) Barbara Jane Woodward, first child of Henry Hyden & Elizabeth (Ely) Woodward, born 8 November 1818, Lee Co., Va., died 1 February 1903, Harrison Co., Mo., married to Simpson Washington Burgin, born 6 December 1813, Lee Co., Va., died 9 Decemver 1877, HarrisonCo., Mo., son of John & Susannah (Ely) Burgin.
Barbara Jane Wooward & Simpson Washington Burgin married 2 February 1835, in Lee Co., Va., by Rev. Henry Thomson.
(1A1A1) Flanary Newton Woodward [record on page 5]
(1A1A2) John Simpson Herschel Woodward [record on page 12]
(1A1A3) Henry Steele Woodward [record on page 19]
(1A1A1) Dr. Flanary Newton Woodward , first child of Simpson & Barbara Jane (Woodward) Burgin, born 26 April 1837, Lee Co., Va., died 30 October 1900, Harrison Co., Mo., maried 26 March 1858 to Mary Jane Winningham, born 1 January 1840, Ray Co., Mo., died 21 April 1925, Delta, Colo.

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